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July 2004 Trip to York Revisited

47798 PRINCE WILLIAM (Class 47 Diesel Locomotive, Royal Train Livery) - York Station, 20th July 2004

On Tuesday 20th July 2004 I made a trip on the Yorkshire Coastliner to York to go on the loose with my trusty old Olympus AM-100 compact film camera. Once I got the developed pictures back, I made a webpage

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Fiendish Railway Quiz

I’ve decided to try making quizzes a regular part of the blog, and here’s the first one I’ve managed to cobble together while tinkering with the plugin I recently installed in order to make them….. Did you like this?Tip locomotivesuk-admin

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Trying To Make Old Video Footage Great Again

My first digital camera of sorts was a thing called a Trust Spycam 100, which was basically a webcam you could unhook and stick in your pocket to use as a low resolution digital camera and a very basic video

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Whitby Deltics 2012

Back in the summer of 2012 I managed to capture some footage on my Panasonic camcorder of some Class 55 Deltic activity in the Whitby area. They’ve always been one of my favourite design of locomotives, ever since I was

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76079 Video from 2016

On 1st November 2016 I got the site’s official YouTube channel properly underway with the above video of Steam locomotive 76079 running back from Whitby. I extracted it from a much larger video I shot for my personal YouTube channel,

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LocomotivesUK Blog Has Arrived

I’ve decided to create a blog part of the LocomotivesUK website to make it easier to post new content, and replace the Classifieds Ads section that wasn’t going that well. Stay Tuned for more as I develop this thing. Did

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