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D7628 At Whitby Railway Station - 20th June 2018

Not really too much of a story to go with this one.

As per usual, I had my Fuji F550EXR Digital Camera with me while I was out and about doing errands in town of some sort.

I had decided beforehand that maybe it was about time to have another play around with the ability of my camera to shoot pictures in RAW mode, or shoot "JPG + RAW" images in the same click of the shutter button. Mostly for the purposes of having some RAW images handy to tinker with in the Corel PaintShop Pro image editing software I have.

I did have some images in that format before, but they all got nailed about 3 or 4 years previously when the Seagate 1TB Hard drive I had in my PC at the time quit working on me (still can't afford to pay for data recovery).

When I got to Whitby Station, it just so happened that former BR Class 25 Diesel Locomotive D7628 was doing it's usual task of running tourists on NYMR trips.

This short video is the resulting footage, edited somewhat later than planned.

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