NYMR Grosmont Visit – 2nd August 2018

It took me much longer than originally planned to edit it – 364 days 17hours 21minutes since I took the first still image of the trip through to when the finished video clip was done rendering and ready to upload, to be precise – but I finally did it.

On Thursday 2nd August 2018 I popped round to Grosmont in my car to have a quick play with my camera. I originally only planned to stay a short while once I got there at 1:47pm (that’s if the clock on my camera was right), but ended up staying until 3:20pm instead.

I originally set position on the footbridge from the car park to the platform, and intended for that to be it, but a wasp started taking an interest in my left elbow as I rested it on the handrail, so I decided it probably best to re-position myself elsewhere and ended up taking more footage than originally intended.

I mean’t to get it edited and uploaded much sooner than it eventually has, but the day marked the 15th Anniversary of my Mum dying of a brain tumour, and I also had to join my Dad on a trek over to the Cash & Carry in Scarborough. Things went steadily downhill from there with my Dad being struck by what turned out to be a mild stroke when we got back, eventually in the early hours of the following morning resulting in having to dial 111 and an ambulance arriving within 15 minutes to cart him off to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.

He pretty much survived that, and was released on the following Tuesday, but I was left too devoid of energy after pulling a series of 21 hour days taking care of his business.

After that combined with the demonetisation purge earlier that year and other issues on YouTube since like the comments issue + the VoxAdpocalypse I kind of lost the motivation and energy to do much tinkering with camera gear and creating online content as much as I did.

But it’s here finally, and I’ve got more clips in the pipeline.

Check it out on the YouTube channel

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